All Haldimand has a problem

February 18, 2009

The Regional

In response to the armchair quarterback Bob Bachman

Your letter to the Regional is fairly accurate to a point when you say the residents of Caledonia must take action.

You echo what I've been saying for years but I might as well talk to a tree.

Where you get derailed is when you say the only ones suffering in this fiasco are the residents of Caledonia. May I remind you that Hagersville (2 occupations), Cayuga (several occupations), Dunnville (1 occupation) are all within Haldimand County and therefore you are responsible for the associated costs as well as me.

When the natives occupied Valentini and Voortmans sites in Hagersville did you come to their aid or call your elected councilor Tony Dalimonte? Members of Canace attended Hagersville but we didn't encounter many if any residents of your community showing their profound displeasure with the race based policing.

The answer to the problems in Caledonia and elsewhere are easily solved by enforcing the law equally regardless of race.

In other words the OPP must deal with the thugs and charge them with the offences committed or democracy fails.

M. Kinrade

RCN, Ret'd