Shame on you Toby

Letter - The Regional

February 25, 2009

Shame on you Toby. Shame on us Caledonians and good folks in the surrounding areas who were led to believe that you were going to do the right thing and respect the wishes of the people. As indicated on the petition implemented by Ken Hewitt, the 7000 signatures on the petition is 6500 more than the 500 you say you got asking for an inquiry.

It does not take a genius to figure what the Ipperwash inquiry accomplished. It appears to me that you are not interested in the wishes of the majority. It looks like political payback. Now that you have a leader who could not win a seat but had to be given one, you are going to jump on the party bandwagon and try to embarrass the Liberals the same as they did to your party and Mike Harris. At what price to the tax payers in these hard economic times?

DCE is owned by us and land claims are a federal issue. Give your inquiry to Diane Finley to take to Ottawa (she signed Ken Hewitt's petition, the same as you say you did). An investigation, not an inquiry, into two tier policing and dismissal of Fantino may accomplish something. Even die-hards who vote for their party even if the devil ran, know what comes out of a manure spreader. So let's get realistic and back the majority whose only interest is two tier policing and the same law for everybody. Maybe do nothing McGuinty will see what you are trying to do and call for a two tier policing investigation on his own. Would not that be ironic.

Don Howatt