Inquiry confusion

Letter - The Regional

February 25, 2009

The current confusion over inquiries is understandable. It's impossible to know the whole story because some of the players will not be completely forthcoming. Still, I think I can disperse at least some of the fog.

The inquiry (Inquiry A) that Toby Barrett is calling for seemed like a good idea two years ago. Anything that seemed like a step forward was more than we had. Not anymore. The inquiry (Inquiry B) that Ken and Dave are calling for has several thousand signatures on it, would be much easier to conduct and is much more urgently needed.

Mr. Barrett should put Inquiry A on the shelf for a couple more years and push Inquiry B. Mr. Barrett claims that Inquiry A would take a year or less to complete. If that's to be believed. Inquiry B should take about a week! It would remove point #3 from Inquiry A and would make point #2 relevant. Having clear title to your land won't protect you from interference if your police force is afraid of the Indians.

Doug Fleming