Canace supports petition

Letter - The Regional

February 25, 2009

In response to Dennis James

Canace speaks to law and order or the lack thereof. We will continue this battle to end race based policing for as long as it takes to see an end to this prejudicial treatment by law enforcement. Is that bad?

If you cared to call Ken Hewitt you would find Canace is totally involved in supporting this Fantino petition.

As one elected official indicated - province wide the OPP are held in pretty high esteem and Caledonia is just a small blip. So in other words nobody is going to take Fantino to task when public perception is favourable to his organization. That includes the provincial liberals and the official opposition party. Politics!!

We have a land title system in place, do we need a costly inquiry into a system that works, if the law is enforced? Would that bring resolution to the mess we in this County and Caledonia in particular, find ourselves in?

Mr. James we the members of Canace aren't the villains here, look at you elected officials and the OPP - they've allowed this deplorable situation because we're just one seat or a blip remember.

Sniping at those of us that are trying desperately hard to hold the politicians and law enforcement accountable is not conducive to resolution.

It might interest you to know that Canace supported the conservatives in the last provincial election and I volunteered at Toby's booth.

Toby is still my elected representative and if he and Tory have trouble denouncing Fantino then at least denounce his policies on policing.

In closing I/we don't profess to be the voice of this community or any other, however we are the voice and the force against race based policing.

Interpretation of letters and the truth, seem to, somehow escape certain people.

M. Kinrade, RCN Ret'd