Is McGuinty willing to pay extortion?

By Gary McHale - The Regional

March 4, 2009

The Canadian Criminal Code defines Organized Crime as a "group, however organized, that is composed of three or more persons... [that] has as one of its main purposes or main activities the facilitation or commission of one or more serious offences that, if committed, would likely result in direct or indirect receipt of material benefit, including a financial benefit..."

On Aug. 4, 2008 I was able to get the Cayuga Court to certify Extortion, Mischief and Intimidation charges against Floyd and Ruby Montour for their illegal actions in shutting down the development in Cayuga. Extortion is considered a serious crime in the criminal code.

The basis of the Extortion charge against the Montours was their involvement in the organization called HDI. This group has been actively telling builders they had to pay fees. The Montours would then do an occupation and demand builders submit to HDI - thus the courts in Cayuga agreed that there was enough evidence to support extortion charges.

Brantford Builder Mike Quattrociocchi and Mayor Trainer used the phrase "Mafia' back in Sept. 2007. These tactics of extortion, intimidation and mischief are committed while hiding behind Native Culture and Tradition as the means of covering for their illegal actions. Governments are bending over backwards to appease out of fear of violence and fear of being called racist.

Most of us have become used to our political leaders being spineless and being unwilling to speak the truth to the public. It is a disease that affects both the Conservative and Liberal party as demonstrated by Ipperwash and Caledonia. Few have any hope that either party will actually do anything that will directly help solve the problem.

I am sure everyone has seen the security guards at the Hydro One sub-station in Caledonia - a private business with private security guards. This ability to protect private property is guaranteed, not just to Hydro One, but every citizen in Canada as defined by the Criminal code of Canada. As such the Supreme Court upholds the right to use 'reasonable force' against trespassers and in citizen's arrests.

 A right the OPP is will aware of and therefore they show up at a construction site to protect the natives against average citizens' right to protect their property. When I presented the evidence regarding the extortion and intimidation charges against the Montours, the builder stated clearly that it wasn't the Montours that turned away construction trucks but the OPP.

How can a few seniors shut down a whole development? Quite easily when you have your own police force right there to stand guard and to support you while you commit crimes.

This past week the Lawyer for the City of Brantford advised the court that an agreement had been reached that could stop the proceedings. In a leaked document the McGuinty Government has offered to pay $100,000 to an 'appropriate Six Nations body' to get Native Protesters to stop their occupation activities in Brantford. In short, McGuinty is willing to pay extortion.

We have been told that McGuinty's government has entered into talks on how to get these criminals from stopping construction in Hagersville. The only question is just how many times has McGuinty paid extortion money to them, and how much will he pay in the future?

In 2006 the McGuinty Government handed over approx. 300 acres to pay the Native Protesters to take down the barricades in Caledonia. After the violence on June 9, 2006 David Peterson wanted the Government to cancel this deal - Native Protesters bragged about how they had Peterson fired and McGuinty turned over the land even after the attempted murder of an OPP officer, swarming of the senior couple and the attack on the camera crew.

In my view, Fantino was hired by McGuinty to silence the voices of non-Native opposition to racial policing. The Commissioner has no difficulty ordering his officers to overlook 'legal nuances' in order to stop non-Natives. 'Legal nuances' are the difference between Democracy and a Police State. "Legal nuances' are what makes something legal, and when you order officers to overlook them it is because you know you cannot work within the law.

In April 2007 I received an email from Bob Stenhouse, a former RCMP officer who was fired directly because Fantino wrote a letter to the RCMP to have him disciplined - much like Fantino attempted to do with Hamilton Police Officer Dave Hartless who lives in Caledonia beside DCE. In 2004 the Federal Court re-instated Mr. Stenhouse to his former position within the RCMP. Mr. Stenhouse's view of how Fantino functions is very revealing. He states, "Mr. Fantino's inappropriate abuse of power seems to be part of his personal make-up, which I am deeply concerned may border on the psychological make-up of what experts in the field call a chronic bully."

Did McGuinty know the tactics that Fantino would use when he became Commissioner - I believe he did. If he didn't know at the time of hiring, he certainly knew when he renewed Fantino's contract that he was willing to publicly attack the reputations of non-natives; willing to overlook the Charter of Rights; and willing to overlook the enforcement of the law.

In all likelihood, the burden of defending our country's values will continue to fall on ordinary Canadians.