Will natives protest their own construction site?

Letter - The Regional

April 1, 2009

Several Six Nation faction groups like the HDI and the Campfire girls have protested and virtually shut down any legitimate construction sites from Dunnville to Brantford over the past several years in their quest to claim ownership to all the land along the Grand River, be it theirs or legally owned by non-natives, and have demanded no further development on it.

The Federal Government announced recently that despite the recession that they are using 21 million dollars of tax payers' money to build a new water treatment plant on the Grand River to service the Six Nations Reserve.

Since the water plant will be for the benefit of Six Nations' residents will the HDI stick to their guns and send protesters to stop the new construction or do they only protest construction sites that might benefit non-native taxpayers?

I think the HDI and Chief Montour will welcome this new water plant as it meets the Six Nations criteria as it benefits them and the taxpayers are paying for it (what else is new). I think it would be fittingly ironic if the residents of Haldimand County staged their own daily protests on this site and halted construction as maybe we don't want our tax money paying for this project and it would be a well deserved payback for all the non-native construction sites that the HDI have illegally shut down.

J.D. Wadel