About troubling things

Letter - The Regional

April 1, 2009

We have elected officials meeting with those that have terrorized Haldimand county and Caledonia specifically.

We have the HALT group hopping in bed with the same group that subjected those that attended a Sat. March 21st meeting to a worn out history lesson when the theme was about the environment.

This group professes to be the keepers of mother earth. When asked whether they were at the contaminants spewed into the environment when the Stirling St. bridge was torched, the Highway burned, the tire fires and the destruction of the transformer station the answer was - it was a cry for help. That's like throwing an anchor to a drowning man.

We have a Sixth Line family selling their home for a fraction of the value because of safety concerns, health problems etc. Will Six Nations apologize for the stress these people have endured and issue a cheque in the amount of their loss? Will Haldimand county push the Provincial government to buy the homes on Sixth Line so some sanity can prevail.

We watch as our justice system tries to establish guilt, innocence or fault in an assault charge when in fact fault lies with those engaged in criminal activity, namely illegal smoke shops and associated violence. The Crown doesn't ask incriminating questions of those engaged in illegal activities for fear of offending.

The millions in lost taxes appears to be accepted as minor collateral damage, by Dalton McGuinty as he continues to pick our pockets for more money to make up for these huge losses. Help yourself Dalton through the HST, don't hold those responsible for this mess accountable.

We have the land claims negotiations that pay huge dividends to those on both sides of the equation, why would they work to a resolution and end the paychecks. Just keep the propaganda mill churning out that stuff that comes out the north end of a bull heading south.

The McGuinty government continues to throw roadblocks in the way of those whom seek justice by staying or dismissing private prosecution charges by explaining it's not in the public interest. so does that mean criminal behavior is acceptable and is in the public interest?

To those of you who continue to support us financially as well as your physical presence I say thank you. In spite of that support we continue to fall short of meeting expenses simply because this government inundates us with unnecessary documentation that must be acknowledged and challenged.

In closing I/we need the support of 20,000 people. Do you care?

P.S. I'd settle for one hundred letter writers to complain to Dalton, the boys and Julian.

M. Kinrade

REC Ret'd