Another flag raising march in Caledonia?

Councillor Grice not amused

by Bill Jackson - The Regional

April 1, 2009

At a meeting Monday, Caledonia Coun. Craig Grice said that plans for another Canadian flag raising event in Caledonia were childish and resembled an act of a school yard bully.

Rumour has it that plans are in the works for another flag raising event on Sunday, April 19.

Some people believe that past flag raising events touted as ways to highlight two-tier justice in the town have caused unnecessary disruptions, resulting in arrests.

Organizers claim the marches illustrate a biased approach to law enforcement by the Ontario Provincial Police who treat non-natives differently than natives.

Grice said that the rumours can be attributed to a "few trying to provoke".

According to one source who spoke with The Regional News, police have been notified of a possible march in advance.

At a council meeting on Monday, Haldimand Mayor Marie Trainer shared an email she received from Haldimand O.P.P. Inspector Dave McLean who also stated that the rumours have been started by "a few." In the email he told the mayor to tell everyone that nothing is planned.

Coun. Buck Sloat questioned the mayor as to whether she had permission to read the email. She responded by justifying her actions with McLean's request "to tell everyone."

Sloat also spoke about a report in a Six Nations newspaper recently that names Haldimand County, the mayor and several other parties as part of a motion filed in federal court by the Haudenosaunee Men's Fire. It apparently aims to freeze all development in the Haldimand Tract and Port Dover Plank Road area, according to the article.

Other parties named in the motion are said to include the Six Nations Band council, Norfolk County, Norfolk Mayor Dennis Travale, developer John Voortman and Associated Ltd. and mayors in all communities, cities towns and municipalities "that will be added."

According to Haldimand's CAO Don Boyle, the report hasn't been verified.

"I hope it's not true, but if it is true, how could we possibly talk with the Six Nations Confederacy if they're in litigation?" Grice wondered.

The Regional News tried to get confirmation of the motion by contacting a Haldimand County lawyer and Norfolk County's CAO. However neither party had been served with any documentation and had no knowledge of the motion or newspaper report.

Representatives of the Men's Fire could not be reached by press time.