Understanding Flag Raising Events

by Gary McHale - The Regional

April 15, 2009

On Dec. 2, 2006, Rick Vanderwyk and Brian Hagen organized placing Canadian Flags and yellow ribbons around Caledonia out of their respect for soldiers serving in Afghanistan. These flags were first placed on hydro poles north of Caledonia and with the agreement of the OPP they attempted to raise a flag across from DCE. The OPP suddenly reversed their position and arrested Bo Chausse.

I played no role in organizing this event or in the attempt to raise Canadian Flags. I did attend the event to take photos and videos. What I saw that day convinced me that the OPP had taken a new step toward a Police State mentality.

Mr. Fantino became the Commissioner in Nov. 2006 therefore, this Dec. 2 Flag Event was the first real test for him as to whether he would continue with the Race Based Policies created by Gwen Boniface. Sadly, the Commissioner took it to the next step towards a Police State.

For the first time the OPP went into attack mode to slander any non-Native who would not submit to OPP racial policies. Furthermore, the OPP now was willing to falsify evidence in order to arrest non-Natives. Prior to this event the OPP would stand around and allow Native Protesters to commit crimes as they watched. Now the OPP was willing to lie about evidence in order to criminalize non-Natives who dared to believe they had Rights in Canada.

Mr. Chausse was arrested because the OPP claimed he was trespassing on the Baptist Church property. The OPP claimed the church phoned the OPP to have Bo arrested - of course, no such phone call occurred but this didn't stop the OPP from lying in order to make the arrest. Mr. Chausse has since sued the Government for false arrest and defamation and the Government recently settled out of court.

In Court the OPP has testified that Mr. Chausse's arrest had nothing to do with trespassing but here is what the OPP Press Release stated on Dec. 3, 2006:

"The O.P.P. once again had their hands busy this weekend dealing with a handful of residents who decided to jeopardize the fragile peace established in Caledonia... Despite warnings from police that these actions were juvenile... these self-serving individuals continued with their plans... As a result of the incident on Saturday one male party was arrested for Trespassing and released unconditionally... The O.P.P. will not tolerate the actions of those willing to put their own self-motivated agendas ahead of the betterment of the community. The O.P.P.... wish to remind everyone that there will be serious consequences for these types of selfish and juvenile actions."

Mr. Fantino testified in court that the OPP do not use negative terms to describe Native Protesters but he did admit they use negative terms toward non-Natives as you can see in the press release.

The goal of the OPP of slandering people and lying to the public about who was committing what crimes was quite simple - it creates division within Caledonia in order that people would not unite against illegal actions of the OPP.

Freedom isn't Free. Someone paid the price so you could be Free. There are those who fought for this Country to ensure that you cannot be illegally arrested. There are those who came before you that argued these types of cases in court or organized rallies to ensure you were Free.

There are those in the area that are more than willing to hide under their beds or to put their heads in the sand instead of standing up to the injustice created by the OPP. Some people truly don't care because it doesn't affect them. It's not their father, husband or son who was beaten and has brain damage. It's not their home that's on the front line, so to speak, and therefore they don't want their own little world affected by anything that may remind them of the problems in Caledonia.

When Mr. Chausse was arrested I went to the police station and drove Mr. Chausse home after waiting for the OPP to release him. Directly due to Mr. Chausse being illegally arrested I made it clear we would continue to attempt to raise the Canadian Flag as a symbol of our Freedom as guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and as ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada.

If the OPP can falsify evidence to arrest Mr. Chausse and place him in jail then no one is safe in Haldimand.

My Flag Raising Events serve one purpose which is to expose the racist policies of the OPP. There is no better way to show Canadians just how far the OPP are willing to violate your Rights than to raise a flag across from DCE. When I was arrested for attempting to do this on Dec. 16, 2006 the story was covered by newspapers in Nova Scotia as well as in British Columbia. McGuinty doesn't care about the 40,000 voters in Haldimand but he does care when those outside of the area learn about the injustice.

No Canadian can understand how anyone can go to jail for raising a Canadian Flag. The greatest proof of Two Tier Justice is how the OPP respond to non-Natives putting up a flag. It is the single greatest means and the most peaceful means to expose the OPP.

Furthermore, these Flag Events provide a mountain of video evidence to prove the actions of the OPP are illegal. The problems in Caledonia will never be resolved by a few speeches, a demand for an Inquiry or any rally organized by anyone.

Race Based Policing will end when courts start ruling against the OPP and against the Crown. The Flag Events play a major role in this because it is not enough merely to claim there is Two Tier Justice, you must prove it. What better way than to simply attempt to put up a Canadian Flag and videotape the OPP response?

This is why the OPP spent so much time in 2007 slandering us. They know what they are doing is illegal. The only weapon they have is to create false evidence of crimes and to slander people in the hopes that the public is too stupid, too afraid or too uncaring to see the Truth.

I believe they have mis-calculated their control over the public. Yes, there are those who want to hide or deny there is a serious problem but in the end I believe that the 5000 people who voted for me and the over 8000 who have signed the petition demonstrate the true reality:

The public will NOT submit to Race Based Policing.

If you agree then join us at the Lion's Hall on May 10 (Sunday) at 1:30 for speeches and a walk down Argyle to raise a Canadian Flag.

The only question now is whether the OPP will respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms or will they once again violate the Canadian Constitution.