Democracy and responsibility

Letter - The Regional

April 15, 2009

Every person in a democratic society is responsible to ensure that their rights and the rights of others aren't trampled and governments and law enforcement are held accountable.

It is our responsibility to go to the polls on Election Day and cast a ballot for whomever we think is the best candidate. It is the responsibility of those we elect, to represent the will of the people and not the will of party politics.

I've expressed my objection to the abhorrent situation we in Haldimand are subjected to, to my elected representatives, including municipal, provincial and federal.

Two of them still speak to me, one doesn't.

In the Ontario Legislature speaker Steve Peters addressed this point. "I've heard many members on both sides of the house lament the erosion of public interest in and consciousness of the work of members of this chamber".

Jim Coyle provincial affairs columnist said it best in describing MPPs, "who get elected by their communities then check their brains and backbone at the door."

It is no wonder then, that we have an elected dictatorship that acts as though they are above the law and appears to get away with it.

In Ontario and elsewhere across this country we have natives who would undermine the very foundations of democracy that protect them and their rights as Canadian citizens. And yes it's been said by a few "we're not Canadians".

On one hand our court system is used by some natives when it is beneficial to them, then they denounce it and claim our laws and the courts do not apply to them. Either you accept the Canadian system, which includes many benefits, health care, education and rights under the charter etc., or reject it and give up the many benefits we have all come to expect.

In closing I invite everyone to join with me/us on May 10th in raising the Canadian flag as proof we will not submit to injustices inflicted on us by terrorists while governments and law enforcement stand idly by.

This is an opportunity for our Mayor and council, our MPP and MP to attend this important event to finally show some support for those of us that have continued to struggle for justice.

M. Kinrade

RCN, Ret'd