Re: no evidence of treaty

Letter - The Regional

April 29, 2009

Having read Mr. Garry Horsnell's excellently researched and written letter to the editor of April 22, has prompted me to write and say that the problem here ... is in the wording.

"What is Perpetual Care"

According to the Canadian Thesaurus 2001 Fitzhenry & Whiteside, page 723, perpetual means this: eternal, everlasting, fast-frozen, firm, fixed, immortal, immutable, infinite, interminable, lasting, never-ending, perdurable, perennial, permanent, undying, ceaseless, constant, continual, continued, continuous, incessant, never-ceasing, persistent, recurrent, regular, relentless, repeating, repetitious, steadfast, unceasing, unchanging, unfailing and unremitting.

With billions of dollars already spent since 1680 on the subject of perpetual with this "problem", just try and think how many more dollars it will cost for the next 329 years for perpetual care, if all the above words are used?

Remember now .... you could always tell this to somebody who cares.... but if nobody cares.... what do you do then? .....

Keep Smiling

The view from the other side

Rhys Richert,