Do Caledonians care?

Letter - The Regional

April 29, 2009

I hope that some of you more intelligent town folks took time away from the idiot box and the computer to read the April 22 Regional News, especially the article by Gary Horsnell of Brantford. Your tax dollars are being taken from you big time. There is one individual who is fighting for your rights, love him or hate him, he is NOT fighting land claims, he is asking for equal rights for everybody.

Doesn't it scare you a little bit that the head honcho of law enforcement in Ontario praises and supports a native with criminal charges? For all you people who think it can't happen to you, think again. The people of Caledonia get arrested and the natives are allowed to go free. How frustrating for the local force that they are unable to enforce the laws as they are written.

Gary McHale is in court, not only to fight for himself against false claims, but against unjust and unfair policing in Caledonia. This all takes financing. Many of you will not make even a small deposit to support him as he fights to protect YOUR rights. Give up a coffee and donut or a couple of beers once a week and donate to the cause. Or wait until the town has to raise your taxes because it has no income from new industries or construction.

Do you think the natives care as they sit and get their yearly millions from you and I? Of course, some of you will continue to support their illegal smoke shacks and shed tears over their poverty. Ask what happens to your tax dollars and their illegal businesses. Think again, and support Gary, Scotiabank account 308820019216.

Don Howatt