Who cares finally answered

Letter  - The Regional
May 6, 2009

In my last letter to the editor in which I explained the word "perpetual" in regards to the Caledonia affair, I noticed right below it an answer to my question "who cares".

So, after appreciating that letter to the editor, I have decided to support Scotia bank account number 30882 0019216.

It is to be hoped that this "stipend" (money honey) will go towards and help in defending the last stand of decency that might be left in this Caledonia mess.

We all know the sympathy is with the Natives, the poser is with the governments, which leaved me only to say that I came in THIRD, and probably cared the most.

In closing now, I got to go and figure out something I heard once: "To the winner goes the Spoils" or was it: "To the loser goes the Spoils"? This might take some time. Perpetual was easy.

Rhys C. Richert,