Letter - Why do they do it?

The Regional

May 27, 2009

After reading civil rights activist Gary McHale's latest retelling of the history behind all that has happened in Caledonia respecting the Douglas Creek Estates reclamation site, that is presently deserted and slated for some improvement, I'm left scratching my head why Gary and his followers seem intent on picking the scab of a wound that is starting to heal?

I was left wondering why mounting a Canadian flag on a hydro pole located on the road allowance of a major highway by members of a corporate entity like CANACE would think that this is an advisable or safe thing to do to prove a "symbolic" point, two tier justice no less?

I also find it passing strange that members and supporters of this endeavour by Caledonia resident Merlyn Kinrade to raise a Canadian flag across the highway from the DCE, on behalf of this registered corporation, would want to risk the stain of a criminal record in search of the "holy grail", an effort that is sure to result in media converge and a circus like atmosphere?

Is this disruption something Caledonians want to happen to their town on a quiet, peaceful Sunday afternoon?

The writer is only guessing at what might happen during this well publicized flag raising event, but if you are reading this letter-to-the-editor, history will have already repeated itself.

Mark-Alan Whittle, Hamilton