Letter - I weep for my community

The Regional

May 27, 2009

Great Spectator front page photo of a law abiding Canadian being arrested by at least five OPP officers for the heinous crime of trying to raise a Canadian flag on Canadian soil. The knee on the head looked real macho. Terrible crimes such as this must be dealt with in a heavy-handed manner as was depicted in this picture. It has been made abundantly clear that the Fantino directed storm troopers would not tolerate anyone who thinks they are protected under the Charter of Rights.

The audacity of this scoundrel, in broad daylight, thinking this crime would go unnoticed. Shame on him.

It's stated other than the arrest, the event went almost unnoticed which was an understatement for certain.

this small peaceful group had the attention of a chopper in the air for several hours, a local restaurant very busy making wraps and desserts for the OPP and at least three times as many OPP personnel as there were residents protesting race based policing/two tier justice.

Enforcing the law would be the astute and most cost effective approach but aw it's just taxpayer's money what the heck.

As I weep for my community, my province, my country, I wonder is anybody listening,, does anybody care or understand. Perhaps if I spoke the language of the majority of the residents, and my elected officials they may grasp what's happening to our country. Cluck, cluck, cluck!!!

Merlyn Kinrade, RCN

Retired, Caledonia