Letter - Police went completely over the top

The Regional

May 27, 2009

(Re Spectator photo) you may think that Ontario's Finest have captured a serious felon; perhaps a murderer or a bank robber; maybe this guy killed a little child and tried to run from the OPP..... No so; he was simply trying to erect a Canadian Flag on the DCE (Douglas Creek Estates).

The DCE was a development site that was occupied by Natives for about two years and eventually purchased by the Province with our tax dollars to the tune of about $20 million. the land is now owned by the Province of Ontario.

Having spent about 25 years in law enforcement, including two years municipal duties in Prince George, B.C. in the good old days, I have never been a part of, or witnessed, such overwhelming enforcement for any office; never mind something as harmless as the raising of a Canadian Flag on government property.

this type of behavior on the part of the Ontario Provincial Police will NOT ensure the co-operation of the public in the future. In spite of the constant denial of Commissioner Fantino and Premier McGuinty that there is not a two tiered policing system in place in Caledonia, this "over the top" reaction has been typical here in Caledonia over the last three years.

Bill Dietz

Sgt. RCMP (Retired)