Letter - In answer to Mark-Alan Whittle

The Regional

June 3, 2009

I personally feel that it is wrong to let good families, living productive lives, such as those along 6th line and DCE b hurt through no fault of their own and then just abandoned as they have been. List most of us, my husband and I have worked hard, paid our taxes, obeyed the law and built a life for ourselves, the same as these families. If all this work and planning were suddenly taken from us we would be devastated and out future... who knows. But there they ar and it is dead wrong and it doesn't need to be so.

It is fortunate that there are people who continue to fight for our rule of law, even at great cost to themselves. No one would prefer to pass his or her Sunday afternoon standing on the shoulder of a highway in the sun's heat facing a line of O.P.P. officers. CANACE has kept this issue alive in the face of criticism and worse, apathy, in its attempt to convince the O.P.P. to enforce the law equally for everyone. Desperate times call for desperate measures and it seems to me that Mr. Kinrade is so passionate that he is willing to risk being arrested to help them.

DCE is not presently "deserted", nor is it 'slated for improvement". I suggest that you come and see for yourself.

Bonnie Stephens