Letter: Bring on the road tolls

Letter - The Regional

June 10, 2009

So it has come to this. Human beings reduced to the status of tormented animals. Where the mere sight of the wrong coloured banner will drive them to frenzy.

Let's cut through the crap. The majority of people on Six Nations are not troubled by a Canadian flag (they won't say so publicly but that's a different problem). The ones that are have found a handy excuse to threaten violence. The O.P.P. encourages them by denying lawabiding citizens their rights rather than risk said violence (It should be made perfectly clear: The "Rights are legal, the violence, even the threat of, is illegal).

I doubt that Mr. Fantino will ever admit that he's wrong. It doesn't matter. His words and actions indicate that he has no real respect for people on either side.

So why are Indians in positions of authority not condemning the commissioner? I suspect that the perceived threat of violence is useful as a bargaining chip (one more reason to let the courts handle land claims).

The man who was wrestled to the ground by several officers did nothing illegal. The citizens that witnessed it didn't riot. The O.P.P. will likely get spanked in court. An Indian carrying a warrior flag wouldn't have suffered that indignity. What's the difference? The fear of reprisal!

Mr. Fantino and like-minded others need to be shown the door. Denying one group their constitutional rights, while keeping hands off a dissenting group is disgraceful policy for a police force.

If we're to believe the posters decorating Argyle Street and Highway 6, toll booths are coming, courtesy of I assume, the HMF (Haudenosaunee Mis Fits?)

This should be interesting. Charging tolls will be illegal of course. That detail will probably escape the attention of the O.P.P. (think "Smoke Shacks"). Confronting the criminals, well, that could cause a riot. Can't have that.

I can see it now. Irate motorists refusing to pay illegal tolls. Indians claiming that the road is their land so the law doesn't apply. Demoralized police officers trying desperately to keep the peace. I hope that the Misfits try this. It'll be fun watching Mr. Fantino try to "weasel" out of another mess of his own making

Doug Fleming