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The Regional

June 17, 2009

In my trusty Canadian Thesaurus (2001) (Page 669), I noticed that there are 128 different meanings that define the word "Number".

Now, on Page 7 (Regional News, June 10, 2009) I read that it took "53 officers to arrest Mrs. Hartless and physically carry her away in her lawn chair".

Ah! Come on now .... you're pulling my leg and putting me on?? Is this an old Johnny Carson joke? Good grief ....53??? (or is this just a little typographical error?) .... (like 3 or 5?) Really 53???

Not only is that an unbelievable number, but just think about it for a few minutes (or seconds) and then answer this question: What kind of democracy have we deteriorated into?

Maybe next week, (or next month) I'll look up the word "Deteriorate" and see what that means.

My view from the other side.

Rhys C. Richert