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Protest beyond Caledonia

Published on Jun 19, 2009

The Sachem

I’m glad to see the protest taken beyond Caledonia.

I find it quite refreshing to see our native friends from Six Nations finally protesting where their concerns may get real attention from the government, by blockading the Red Hill Expressway, the Linc, and the 403.

It's time that their protests were taken beyond the borders of my town, Caledonia, for a change.

Although, I don't understand why the arming of our border guards is so upsetting to them, since the US border guards have been armed for years with no problems that I've ever heard of.

I don't understand what they're afraid of.

If they are not doing anything illegal, such as smuggling illegal tobacco, drugs, or guns across the

US/Canada border, then they should have nothing to be concerned about, right?

And doesn't the arming of border guards make us all a little safer from those who would do us harm, such as terrorizing our families, burning up hydro sub-stations, tearing up our highways, burning down our bridges, beating up developers, and generally threatening our safety?

Of course, the OPP are similarly armed, but they've done nothing that could be considered a threat to the Natives, or an attempt to secure our safety, over the last three years so, again, what are the Natives afraid of?

Mark Delio