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Call for MTO to deal with illegal Hwy 6 smoke shacks

Published on Jun 19, 2009

The Sachem

Due to the recent addition of yet another illegal structure being placed on Highway Six MOT Corridor Allowance in front of a privately owned home near Argyle St and Hwy# 6 in Caledonia, I will re-send to you the e-mail that was originally sent Feb. 29 / 09.

Dear Minister Bradley;

As Minister of Transportation, I'd like to bring to your attention a matter which has concerned me greatly.

I drive in the Haldimand area and am deeply concerned with the un-licensed cigarrette shops that are being operated without Haldimand County or Ministry of Transportation licensing or permits on Provincial Highway # 6 south of Caledonia, Ont)

My concern is the amount of transport truck traffic which uses the shoulders of the road as a parking area in order to attend these ad hoc businesses. It is clearly a traffic hazard and I am demanding that "No Stopping" signs be posted along this stretch of roadway and OPP be directed to enforce the directive with zero tolerance. Visibility is severely curtailed by these big rigs for motorists wishing to enter the highway.

Having said that, I also believe these cigarrette operations break pretty much every rule of the Ministry of Transportation's Highway Corridor

Management Division. ie: no permits, illegal signage (cigarrette advertising), encroachment on Ministry Hwy # 6 Right Of Way, unlicensed operations, home built, un-approved entrance and exit ways, no township sign or business permits etc.

This is now an official complaint for three reasons as descibed above and I demand the Ministry of Transportation take immediate and concisive action to enforce total compliance:

1) Safety

2) No permits or licensing

3) Ontario Laws prohibit tobacco advertising

Please respond ASAP as to your plan of action to make the area in front of the unlicensed tobacco shacks on Hwy 6 safe and also ensure that all permits and licensing are in place from Haldimand County and approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

Mike Burgess,

Mount Hope

Editor’s Note: Mike Burgess is a member of the Safe On Six committee.

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