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Conclusion formed from ‘misinformation’

Published on Jun 26, 2009

The Sachem

It is hard to imagine a story that is talking about the problems of misinformation that then proceeds to quote from only one side of the story (“Militia a bad idea” appearing in the Sachem, June 22, 2009). Why should Mr. Knisley quote blindly from Insp. McLean as if everything he states is the gospel truth while failing to take the time to speak to Doug Fleming regarding the militia or to Merlyn Kinrade regarding the flag event.

When reporters will not question the information they are given then they come up with conclusions based on 'misinformation'. This was true when Mr. Knisley stated, "The conclusion is obvious – May 24 wasn't about flags. It was about stirring things up for those who are ready to be stirred up." This was based on Insp. McLean claiming Merlyn kept changing the deal from one flag to three flags to nine flags.

Mr. Knisley have you heard of a phone? Are you unable to take the time to make sure you have not been given 'misinformation'? Do you believe everything Insp. McLean tells you?

If you had phoned Merlyn or myself you would have been directed to a video of the conversation between Merlyn and OPP Sgt. Carter.

If you watched the video you would have heard for yourself that Carter states the deal is off the table because the OPP had arrested Randy Fleming -it had nothing to do with number of flags or number of people. At no time did Merlyn change the deal from one flag to three flags to nine flags. I hope the public will take the time to watch the video found at Turtle Island News reported that Sgt. Carter attempted to get the occupiers on DCE to agree to a single flag going up and he was turned down. In fact, Sgt. Carter is videotaped talking to the occupiers. Once again these occupiers believe they can limit the rights of other people and as always the OPP do as the occupiers tell them.

What amazes me the most Mr. Knisley is that most media outlets have learned over the past three years that the information provided by the OPP is not very truthful. Of the three reporters that heard Insp. McLean's statements you were the only one that printed it.

The OPP have been sued so many times for their misinformation that they no longer do press releases regarding the people involved nor have they been doing interviews for the past twelve months. The government has been forced to settle some of these cases before they make it to court. Statements made to council, and the reporting of those statements, are protected against the Libel and

Slander Act. What the OPP is not prepared to say in a press release or in an interview (because both are subject to the Libel and Slander Act) they say in a council meeting.

In the end, Mr. Knisley you were wrong. You failed to check the facts and then you drew some conclusions based on misinformation. I am sure you have a great concern for the area. If so, why not show up and witness the event yourself and hear with your own ears what is said instead of repeating rumours?

If you want to dig into 'misinformation' why not ask the OPP why they can do press releases about a single break-in in Cayuga or Dunnville but they NEVER do any press releases when these same crimes occur on Braemar or Thistlemoor which had at least four homes broken into on the same night.

Gary McHale, Binbrook