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Urged to seek the truth

Published on Jun 26, 2009

The Sachem

In response to Jim Knisley‘s column (‘ Militia bad idea’, June 20, Sachem), he states McLean’s words carry weight because he spoke publicly, is in a position of responsibility and is accountable.

I speak publicly, am responsible and accountable and perhaps before he wrote the disinformation in his column he could have obtained the other side of the story.

Something of course expected from a good journalist, especially one writing about a town forgotten by Dalton and Julian.

I’ll tell you the truth in front of a television camera, but wait you’ve already formed an opinion about McLean and myself.

McLean’s a good honest cop and I’m a bad dishonest resident stirring things up.

McLean on the latest illegal smoke shack -the OPP spoke to the man at length and it was a personal decision to allow the smoke shack. HELLO! Mr. McLean laws are being broken, lay the charges.

Seek the truth Mr. Knisley because these so called credible people sometimes aren’t so credible and remember the mind is like an umbrella; it only functions when it’s open.

Merlyn Kinrade,