Letter - Quiet no more

The Regional

July 1, 2009

After listening to Mr. Fleming on the news I find myself compelled to write this letter. I have since the beginning of the DCE occupation lived on Thistlemoor with my property backing on the DCE. I have remained quiet seeking out facts and whole truths where I could find them. All the while trying not to listen to exaggerated seconhand self serving rants of individuals whom do not live in my direct community. I have listened to, felt and understand the frustrations experienced by my family, friends and neighbors. It is painfully obvious to anyone who is not blind, a Provincial or Federal official or the OPP, that a two tier justice system is and has been practiced in Caledonia since the beginning of the occupation.

So why do a handful of people want to continuously disrupt the community knowing full well that their actions, albeit legal,, do nothing but cause more animosity between communities, neighbors, friends and families? Let me speculate on a couple of possible reasons. First would be the utter frustration with the Federal and Provincial governments' lack of responsibility and complete ineptness in the handling of this situation. Or is it a way of helping the Native cause by keeping the situation in the news to help the Native position at the bargaining table. Or is it to keep Caledonia in a bad light in the news to drive away any outside business and force down the house prices so as to ensure Caledonia never grows again. I know the latter is not what any resident of Caledonia wants but it is the reality of their continued actions.

As for the attacks being made against our municipal government I am appalled. This issue is clearly not their responsibility nor are they by any means equipped to deal with it. Yet only our local councilor has spent untold hours personally arranging high level meetings with cabinet ministers. To try and ensure that our taxpaying voices are heard in a positive light and not just that of a ranting mob with off the cuff remarks that we are continually portrayed as in the media. Our local councilor is a part time paid position, but for anyone who has spent more than a couple of hours with Mr. Grice knows he is putting in full time hours for every resident and has sacrificed financially and more importantly family wise because of it. For any individual to verbally attack our councilor it can be seen only as misplaced frustration with the Federal and Provincial governments or as completely self serving with ulterior motives.

I truly empathize with the frustration that our community has to unfairly endure with this situation but looking at it historically this may not be resolved for many years to come. Any continued confrontation will unfortunately not speed the process but only further the rifts that exist in our community. As this summer heats up I can only hope that cooler heads prevail.

Ted Fletcher,

Thistlemoor resident.