Letter - New OPP Inspector wants open and transparent dialogue

Regional News

July 8, 2009

To the residents of Haldimand County

With 100 years of policing experience in numerous municipalities across the province, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is committed to maintaining public peace, safety and order. As part of that proud heritage, I am pleased, both personally and professionally, to participate in Haldimand County as the interim Detachment Commander.

While the current land claim situation in Caledonia is frustrating, I can say with confidence that he OPP has and will continue to uphold its responsibility to ensure public peace, safety and security throughout Haldimand County. The OPP respects the right to peaceful demonstration and freedom of expression and will maintain a reasoned, tempered approach to resolving any situations that may arise. Those who engage in criminal activity will continue to be held accountable.

Recognizing that a once tightly knit community is under pressure, I challenge openly all community members, and especially those who are seen as community leaders, to provide meaningful and relevant initiatives to bridge the issues and support tolerance. I believe that this fundamental approach, while more  difficult and labour intensive, can provide collective achievements that are much more authentic and beneficial for the community as a whole. The broader success realized through mutual understanding is the creation of an inviting place that people want to once again visit, a home where people want to raise a family and a community be proud of.

 While providing definitive and strong police leadership to the Haldimand County Detachment, I will focus on looking for ways to assist the community with its healing so that in time we can regain the essentials of what community living truly is: harmony, caring, compassion and understanding. I am open to thoughts and ideas that are supportive of tolerance and healing and will actively seek out and work with allies that hold the same mind set and goals.

I look forward to open and transparent dialogue that carries the messages of tolerance and community healing while underpinning safety, security and quality of life for all

Inspector John Periversoff

Haldimand OPP