Letter - Of citizenship and flag waving

The Regional

July 15, 2009

One week ago today I sat in the park in Caledonia and saw and heard the Citizenship Ceremony. The new citizens were welcomed and assured that they were becoming citizens of the greatest and best country in the world. There was much flag waving and a very impressive ceremony.

On thinking about it later, my first thought was - do these new citizens of the greatest country in the world, realize that they cannot even walk down the main street of their town, from end to end, waving the flag of which they are so proud. That their town and county are controlled by terrorists? Or do they care, like so  many others in the town and county. After all, it is NIMBY.

My second thought was - would not it be wonderful (and patriotic?), if every able bodied person in that park, took their Canadian flag and walked boldly the length of the main street waving the flag, and took back our town. (LOL).

At that point I stopped thinking.

Margaret Howatt