Letter - Where have you been all these years?

The Regional

July 29, 2009

We have a recycled federal Liberal candidate (whom I assume is drawing his indexed pension and perks) wanting to get back to the trough. Where the heck did Dr. Hodge Podge get to?

Speller says, "Crucial local issues aren't being addressed" including the land claim in Caledonia.

This illegal land claim and associated violence and criminal activity have been ongoing for 3-1/2 years but I haven't heard a word from Mr. Speller. Why not? It happened in your community, your county but I haven't seen this concerned resident speak out on the insanity and terrorism among other things.

Private prosecutions have served Canace well because politicians and law enforcement at every level have failed this community, this province, the country.

Hang up those political soft shoes Bob and engage the people who care (Canadian Advocates for Charter Equality) and have made a difference in spite of all the roadblocks by Fantino and the crown.

But wait, the provincial Liberal brethren have finally come through with the blood money I spoke about several months ago.

Dalton and the boys may be satisfied that they've made restitution for their failures. Our council will probably be shameless in their acceptance of this blood money, which is but a fraction of the monetary and human costs. Reminds me somewhat of the donkey and the carrot routine.

Perhaps the two brain injured men (Sam Gaultieri and Jeff Parkinson) should have been consulted as to what the human costs alone might be.

In closing I ask who is listening and who cares? The silence is sickening!!

M. Kinrade, RCN Ret'd