Unpaid taxes cost us all

Letter - The Regional

August 12, 2009

I was just reading the Regional News editorial about the smoke shops that we have in the area and it mentioned "There are Canadians who believe that illicit tobacco production, distribution, sale or end use is a victimless crime."

Nothing could be further from the truth in my opinion.

I have read many times that the sale of cigarettes is now in the Billions of Dollars and the taxes not being paid is now into Hundreds of Millions.

So the next time you see a program being removed from your local school or hospital, the next time you hear of a delay in ambulance service, the next time someone mentions that either the taxes need to go up or some service needs to come to an end, just remember that there are now yearly, millions of uncollectible tax dollars not coming in, that could be used to help pay for these programs, because of this so called victimless crime.

Patrick Cook