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The Regional

September 2, 2009

Dear Mayor Trainer

On Aug 28, 2009 the Hamilton Spectator stated, "The owner of a Hamilton social club faces numerous firearms charges after revenue ministry inspectors searching the business for illegal tobacco found a stolen handgun in a ceiling. Hamilton police were called in after the inspectors found the weapon at the Basha Arabic Social Club on Upper James Street just north of Genesee Street at 9:30 p.m."

This excerpt proves two points:

1) Revenue Ministry Inspectors can enter a building independent of police.

2) Suspicion of illegal tobacco inside justifies such action.

We're asking that you request the Revenue Ministry to order inspectors to enter the smoke shacks on Highway #6. A sign reading "TAX FREE SMOKES" hints at the possibility of illegal tobacco inside.

The fact that inspectors have been confiscating such tobacco from vehicles leaving these shacks is another clue. There are hundreds of buyers. They could come at any hour. There are only seven sellers. They are pretty much immobile. Rather than busting the junkies, we want the pushers arrested and charged, and their wares confiscated. Failure to take action directly against the shacks would suggest that the Ontario Government discriminates against people of the Arabic Race.

Doug Fleming

Caledonia Peacekeepers