Sorry Buck, don't use me to get re-elected

by Gary McHale - The Regional

September 9, 2009

Imagine my surprise when I read that Councilor Buck Sloat was accusing Mayor Trainer of being my 'mail clerk'. I would think there was far more important business for council to deal with other than whether the Mayor forwarded a few emails sent by me to council.

Just to set the record straight I felt I needed to address Mr. Sloat's claim that Mayor Trainer is my 'mail clerk'. I have been involved in Caledonia for approx. 40 months and in that time I have sent the Mayor 12 emails. In the same time period I have received just over 32,000 emails regarding Caledonia and these are only the ones I have kept.

Since the beginning of this year, I have emailed the Mayor 7 times. Three of these emails were sent on behalf of Doug Fleming who doesn't own a computer and therefore cannot email anyone. The last email to the Mayor was a copy of Mr. Fleming's letter to the Mayor that was published in the Regional last week.

All three of Mr. Fleming's emails were about the illegal smoke shops but I guess Mr. Sloat doesn't think illegal smoke shops are county business.

So this leaves us with four emails in 8 months that the Mayor got from me which were forwarded to Mr. Sloat.

One of these emails was a copy of the Ontario Appeals Court Ruling which ruled that the Ontario Government MUST OBEY all local bylaws. This was sent because both Mayor Trainer and Councilor Grice had told the media that the province isn't subject to local bylaws. For the record the ruling stated:

"...The Ontario government stands in Henco’s shoes. If it wanted to do so, it may have been entitled to enforce the injunction against the protestors. But it does not want to do so.

Instead, Ontario is content to permit the peaceful occupation of its property. It has the right to do so. As a property owner it has the right to use its own land as it sees fit, as long as it complies with municipal by-laws and the laws concerning nuisance and public safety."

Maybe Mr. Sloat could explain how this email isn't county business.

Another one of my emails was sent to the Mayor to inform council that criminal charges were filed against ***** (sorry publication ban) on behalf of the council. The details of this charge are under a publication ban but the charge was laid because the crime was committed against the Mayor and Councillor Grice.

The third email was a copy of a letter sent to Commissioner Fantino regarding the illegal smoke shop on Ernie Palmer's property. The last email was about the details of the last flag raising event.

It is hard to imagine that Mr. Sloat believes the smoke shop on Mr. Palmer's property or the details of a rally in Caledonia aren't county business but it appears he isn't interested in such things.

It is one thing to go off on some childish rant to score a few political points but how can Mr. Sloat even suggest that somehow the Mayor is working for me as my 'mail clerk'?

I believe I have only been to two council meetings and one of them was the night that council passed the resolution that stated, "ALL correspondence sent and received through the Mayor’s office including all e-mail addressed to the Mayor by title or name, be copied to all councilors as well as the County Clerk."

Now Mr. Sloat wants the Mayor to disobey a resolution passed by him and council. You can imagine the whining Mr. Sloat would do if the Mayor disobeyed council.

It must be hard for Mr. Sloat with an election coming up. What exactly has he done to end the illegal occupations, the growing number of illegal smoke shops and the tens of millions lost in county property tax because so many homes were not built.

When you have done nothing to help all you have left to offer is whining about things that don't matter.