Council should stop bickering

Letter - The Regional

September 9, 2009

It has become abundantly clear that several councilors don't like the mayor and perhaps even despise her. I believe most people realize the situation so get over it councilors, she's the mayor.

Here we are two years later and the email fiasco has once again become important business. Didn't council pass a motion that all email correspondence to the mayor be forwarded to councilors? The key word is all.

We have a county struggling to stay solvent, bylaws not enforced, illegal occupations, threatening emails from Fantino and the provincial government dumping all over this community and all these councilors seem concerned with is bashing her worship.

Every councilor should be interested in what McHale is doing, after all he's engaged in a battle against corruption, two tier justice and human rights.

It's David, (McHale and Canace) against Goliath (McGuinty and the boys) and this pathetic council bickers while Haldimand County burns.

Where are the white flags?

Merlyn Kinrade

RCN, Ret'd