Letter - Lack of support disgusting

The Regional

October 14, 2009

On October 7, Doug Fleming, Christine and Gary McHale and myself attended a meeting of the National Coalition Against Contraband Tobacco (NCACT) in Brantford. We left early to ensure ourselves a seat, expecting half the population of Brantford and Caledonia would be in attendance. Silly me, forever the optimist. But wait, Caledonia doesn't have a contraband tobacco problem so why would I expect people from this community to even consider voicing their opposition to this illegal act. Wouldn't want to upset the criminals or the government for fear of side tracking negotiations would we?

This dedicated group founded by the Canadian Convenience Stores Assoc. (CCSA) is trying desperately hard to eradicate the sale of this illegal product, with very little help from the people most affected. Surprising? No. Disappointing? Yes. Good to see you there Toby but where was our local council or official representation.

I expected to see the critics there that slam those of us that won't accept this lawlessness. You know, the people that have done nothing in three and half years then accuse us of causing trouble. No mention of those that attacked this peaceful community though.

We the members of Canace struggle to keep our organization solvent while the provincial government spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to silence us who seek justice. A billion here and a billion there is only chicken feed to Dalton and the boys.

Thanks to those of you that support us financially, your reward will be sweet when justice prevails and it will.

To the members of the good old boys club who choose to ignore what the criminals and the government has done to our community, our province, our country, shame on you. Disgusting!

M. Kinrade

RCN Ret'd