Letter - Why silence Councillors?

The Regional

October 28, 2009

I learned with dismay that the motion presented by Councillor and deputy Mayor Tony Dalimonte passed on a 4-3 vote. This motion is removing the voice and representation of the individual ward constituents by gagging their representative. This motion is prohibiting local councillors from speaking with Federal and Provincial officials without first obtaining permission from Council by majority and then, forcing them into a mandatory script of what they can and cannot say which has to be pre-approved by Council again by majority vote.

The main thrust of this motion comes from Dalimonte and Sloat, which would be a matter of amusement if it were not such a blow to the voice of the constituents as a whole. It is amusing that Mr. Dalimonte states that this provides cohesiveness and clarity and yet Council has not provided either for the duration of their tenure here. Mr. Dalimonte is the ward Councillor in which EVERY SINGLE illegal smoke shack in Haldimand County operates. Mr. Dalimonte also happens to be the ward councillor for a majority of residents of 6th line who have been caught in a vacuum of policing and perception since the beginning of the Caledonia debacle.

I would ask what clarity and/or cohesiveness has Mr. Dalimonte provided on these issues?

I would ask where has his voice been in speaking to these issues, these people, which sit so clearly within his ward boundaries?

I would ask why Mr. Dalimonte is trying to hamstring Councillor Grice when he should be standing firm with and supporting the consistent success he has had with arranging meetings with various Government officials?

I would ask which one of you, Mr. Sloat or Mr. Dalimonte, feel that by implementing this ridiculous motion (which has nothing to do witht he betterment of the County or help in resolving the issues which primarily centre on Caledonia) will provide you with your much desired ammunition to try to use to run against Mayor Trainer in the upcoming election and propel you into the Mayor's office?

I would ask you why both of you think that by trying to silence at worst or control at best the voice of the local elected representatives is such a stellar idea?

Does it come into your thoughts at all that each councillor is democratically voted into each of their wards on the premise that they will speak and act on behalf of their electorate, and while they operate in the best interests of the county as a whole it is the voice of their electorate that they are duty bound to represent first and foremost.

David Hartless