Crown drops charge against Randy Fleming

by Gary McHale

Regional News - Nov. 25, 2009

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, Randy Fleming received a phone call from his lawyer telling him the Crown dropped the charge against him.

On May 24, 2009, Randy walked down Argyle St. carrying a Canadian Flag and was charged with obstructing police by resisting arrest. The OPP claimed that Randy refused to obey officers who instructed him to stop.

The photos from that day show one officer with his knee on Randy's head pushing it into the ground while another had his knee on Randy's back and a third was handcuffing Randy.

At the time Bill Dietz (retired RCMP Sgt.) wrote a letter to the Regional which stated, "you may think that Ontario's Finest have captured a serious felon; perhaps a murderer or a bank robber; maybe this guy killed a little child and tried to run from the OPP..... Not so; he was simply trying to erect a Canadian Flag..."

Video posted on the internet showed Randy was merely walking down the road and there were no officers nearby. Randy claims a van drove onto the shoulder of the road and he moved out of the way to avoid the van. OPP jumped out of the van and as soon as they reached Randy the video clearly shows that Randy calmly followed the OPP back onto the shoulder of Argyle St. Within a few seconds the OPP forced him to the ground and placed him under arrest.

Randy claims the OPP used excessive force. He states, "I got a permanent injury [in my left arm] and it is not getting better. I have seen two doctors and am going to a third one. I am receiving physical therapy." He states that after 6 months he is still on medication and nothing is helping.

He states he was forced to appear in court 5 times and another 3 times his lawyer appeared for him in response to the obstruction charge.