Editorial - David Marshall - more than a doctor or a judge

by Chris Pickup - The Regional

Nov. 25, 2009

Along with many others, I was knocked flat on my back by the news of David Marshall's passing. My personal grief was more than I could have imagined since this wonderful man had not touched by life since my earlier years.

He was a compassionate doctor; who else would have opened his surgery on Christmas morning to make sure my baby daughter was healing from her bout with pneumonia? Especially since he had such a busy life with his own family to consider.

But apart from that, he had a strong impact on this business. He was a moral supporter of this newspaper when my husband and I were struggling to establish it as a viable reflection of the community. Free newspapers were something of an anomaly at that time and since buying the Dunnville Shopping News with a loan of $2000 from the bank and converting it into a proper newspaper, we were having a hard time with cash flow. David Marshall, who wrote a free column on health care for the paper, thought briefly about investing in us but concluded we were too headstrong to tolerate a partner. How right he was! But his main impact was to put steel in our backbone with an absolute conviction that we could not only make it through, but that we could flourish.

I haven't seen David Marshall for years, but I have never forgotten his advice, nor my absolute respect for his integrity throughout his astonishing life. He was so much more than a doctor and a judge. It was his personal interest in all kinds of people that made him so special. Our sympathies to his wife Jill and his children.