Letter - Racism is ugly

The Regional

Nov. 25, 2009

Someone had an idea awhile back. Why not remove that burnt-out hulk of a trailer that graces the edge of DCE along Argyle Street. Apparently, the idea reached the ears of a spokesperson for the Indians who stated "that trailer is staying to show what some people are capable of", or words to that effect. Recently the trailer was spruced up with the addition of a big sign reading "racism is ugly". I'm having trouble making sense of all this.

First of all, having the trailer there is rather like leaving a wrecked car on the roadside to show that some people are incapable of driving. Secondly, who are the "some people"? It was rumoured at the time that Indians torched the thing along with the embassy, the barn at the fairgrounds and assorted smoke shacks. It's understandable that people believe that. After all, it was believed Indians torched the transformer station, and know they torched the Stirling Street bridge, a bunch of tires on Argyle Street and a pole of debris on Highway Six. (It's worth noting that the wave of arsons didn't result in even one arrest!) Everything else was cleaned up. If the Indians want to look at the trailer, drag it onto the reserve and put it on display.

The message on the sign is correct. Racism is ugly. There's some irony here. The sign was put up by Indians. It wouldn't have lasted a day otherwise. The property is owned by the Ontario taxpayers. If non-Indians were caught putting that sign up in that location they'd be arrested and charged. Mischief, probably. Not for putting up a sign denouncing racism. Rather for being of the wrong race. Ugly eh?

Speaking of ugly, I was doing video surveillance a few weeks back. As I was driving past one of the smoke shacks, the proprietor felt the need to yank his pants down and show me his bare bottom. On the side of a highway! In broad daylight! I tried and failed to think of something that would possess me to do that. I've been given "the bird" frequently in the last three years. That's the first time I've been "mooned". Here's hoping it doesn't develop into a trend. Bring on the cold weather. That should discourage all but the most determined from that kind of performance.

Doug Fleming