Letter - Of T. David Marshall and other things

The Regional

December 9, 2009

As I try to recover from the shock of losing this truly amazing (Canadian, Honorary Chief, Doctor, lawyer, Judge, Humanitarian among the other credentials) I hope and pray that his replacement on the bench will have the honesty and integrity of this great man.

On different occasions I shook his hand and thanked him for trying to apply the rule of law through the DCE injunction. Recently congratulating him on his military appointment. What an honour for a truly honourable man.

Quite some time ago I was contacted by a person from the University of Waterloo enquiring as to whether or not I would be interested in an interview concerning Caledonia. Enter Dr. Andy Houston whom had interviewed Mark Vandermaas, Gary McHale and others. I was of course extremely interested in getting the truth out so consented immediately.

The meeting was held in our home with Dr. Houston and several members of his drama class along with their audio/video equipment. I enquired of them if they would like to ask questions or would they just like to record my comments and explanations.

The latter was their choice and so it began. Close to two hours later they left bound for another Caledonia residence overlooking DCE.

Some months later the Canace members were invited to the university to attend the play about Caledonia/Six Nations. It was so biased against the victims (Caledonia) as to be nauseating to put it mildly.

When they called Judge Marshall the corrupt judge, the time was long past due for us to vacate that left wing propaganda mill that wouldn't know the truth if they fell over it.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago where a letter from McMaster University arrived requesting an interview. The question is and always will be, will the truth prevail or some other biased propaganda garbage. Being the optimist I am, I will consent to the interview.

Several weeks ago I circulated a 5300 document by a known anarchist to expose the truth about DCE and other places of lawlessness in the Haldimand tract. Would it interest anybody in this community, county, province to know that several unions are engaged in this criminal activity condoning lawbreaking?

Our own Regional News as well as Canace has exposed the two tier justice this community and others across the province have been forced to endure thanks to Dalton, Julian and others.

We now have Dana, Dave and Dax forced to relive this madness because we as residents abandoned them instead of coming to their aid.

In closing remember when you look in the mirror it could very well be you. Would you expect the community to come to your rescue? Let me guess.

Merlyn Kinrade

RCN, Ret'd