More Caledonia land dispute costs unveiled

The Regional

December 16, 2009

Two weeks after forcing the McGuinty Government to admit paying utility bills at Caledonia's Douglas Creek Estates (DCE), Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett informed the Legislature of further costs.

"According to an FOI, I regret to report that the DCE bill gets higher," Barrett reported. "Why has government paid $213,000 for soil excavation and demolition? Why pay $50,000 for erosion control? Why shell out $2,000 for "no Trespassing" signs that allow no one but occupiers on the site, not even OPP? Why $103,000 for fencing and $131,000 for an archaeological assessment? Property taxes over three years come in at $152,000."

The taxpayer funded expenditures were just a number of costs uncovered in a string of invoices obtained through a freedom of information request.

"We've finally gotten Dalton to admit that taxpayers are footing the heat and electricity bills for the lone remaining house on the site occupied by militants, a house the occupiers have used as a base for intimidation, trespassing and assault," Barrett continued. "We already know McGuinty spent $22 million of taxpayers' money to purchase the land.

"I ask the Liberal members opposite: How much more do taxpayers have to pay for an invalid land dispute they're not even allowed to access? What makes you think you can get away with this?"