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Government and police abdication of their duties to Caledonia residents

OPP puts political masters ahead of duty

 By Bill McIntyre  Saturday, January 16, 2010

Canada Free Press

Sitting out here on the “Wet Coast” I have been watching policing events unfold in my home province of Ontario, and more specifically Caledonia, with increasing alarm and trepidation.

I have been following the violent, unchallenged takeover of that community by Mohawk natives from the Six Nations Reserve in 2006 combined with government and police abdication of their duties to Caledonia residents. While I say community, I realize it is a housing development that was seized.

The entire community of Caledonia, however, is being held hostage since the Ontario Liberal government has ceded policing responsibilities to the occupiers and has left the citizens to their own devices.

Let me correct that. The Liberal Party run Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), will flex their muscles on occasion, but only against the white people of the area who dare to display any public emotion about their lives and community being disrupted and destroyed by lawless thugs under the guise of land claims, lest the natives have their feelings hurt.

In the beginning, one Gary McHale entered the picture. Now I don’t know Mr. McHale or any of his cronies. I have e-mailed him a few times trying to get a sense of what was really going on.

You see, in general the old media backed the occupiers and the government. Mr. McHale was roundly condemned as a trouble-making outsider who had no business exercising his right to decry events in Caledonia, because he did not live there at the time.

I guess if you don’t live in a particular community in Ontario you have no right to be concerned about events in other parts of your province.

In any event, McHale was bashed by the media, hounded by the OPP goon squad in Caledonia, reviled by politicians and supported by most others around him. He was toodled off to jail for breathing Caledonia air, jostled around, assaulted and otherwise maligned.

Terrorism of the worst kind

To this day, our trusted old media still has generally avoided the story. The only one that seems the least bit interested is columnist Christie Blatchford of The Globe & Mail who followed the civil case launched against the OPP and the government by Dana Chatwell and Dave Brown.  The couple was effectively evicted from their home and subjected to terrorism of the worst kind.

I understand they beat the province up pretty good in that case and got an out-of-court settlement. Too bad. It would have been nice to drag the ugliness of the situation into the light of day for all to see. Who knows but Chatwell, Brown and the lawyers and politicians what kind of pressure they succumbed to?

Fast forward now to charges laid by Mr. McHale against Ontario Police Commissioner Julian Fantino who appeared to want to drive a stake through McHale’s heart. Fantino seemed to think if his OPP enforcers went to work on McHale the guy would just dry up and blow away. He didn’t and it seems he won’t.

Now Mr. McHale is fighting to ensure Fantino is treated like everyone else in Ontario when it comes to due process. Are you kidding me?

Exposing the politicization of the OPP by the Liberal government and the shenanigans that go with it, have as little chance of happening as aliens from space coming to rescue the world.

Sorry folks, but the very Ontario cops who have been sworn to protect you and uphold the law for all, have circled the wagon. They and their political bosses will protect Fantino at all and any cost. I am not even certain the provincial force can survive this. Perhaps the RCMP should take over and clean up their mess.

So why am I appalled at what is happening in this case? After all, Ontario is far away and I don’t live there.

What your politicians and their media toadies have not been telling you folks in Ontario is that there is something rotten in Queen’s Park that could infect police forces across the country.

First off, political interference with policing is supposed to be taboo. That concept has been through out of Dalton McGuinty’ s office window.

Second, if policing can be turned over to thugs and bullies in Caledonia, then it can happen to any community. What about Cornwall, where native smuggling is ignored? What about Timmins, or Thunder Bay or anywhere else in Ontario that citizens might want to protect their livelihoods and property? Don’t expect to get help from your government or the police. The cavalry won’t ride over the hill for you.

If Ontario can get away with allowing crimes to occur against citizens in Caledonia all are at risk. How can you trust the OPP do the right thing? If they won’t enforce laws against assault, theft, threatening, what can they be trusted to enforce. On whom will they turn their backs the next time? And there will be a next time. They seem to be good at ticketing speeders and jaywalkers as long as they are white.

And what has their response been to date?  “We were only following orders.” Those who remember the Nuremburg war trials should remember where that phrase came from.

Now let me state categorically that I am not against the First Nations people exercising their rights, pursuing land claims and attempting to pull their people out of poverty and despair.

I have studied enough Indian history to be painfully aware they were royally screwed by a succession of governments through duplicitous treaties and practices.

Many of you might not like me saying this, but I hope the First Nations get everything they deserve. My only concern is that they get it legally, honestly and without resorting to criminal activity.

As for the shameful tactics of the Ontario government and their disgraceful OPP puppets, I can only say this will cost you dearly and shame on you.

And to the non-coverage of this event by media, I would say the financial mess you are all in is greatly deserved. Maybe you can be replaced by media outlets that give a damn.