Letter - Sorting the mess

The Regional

January 27, 2010

My most heartfelt appreciation to: 1. This Week Newspaper, 2. Comments by Bill Jackson, 3. Letters from ordinary Canadian citizens... and even, 4. Allowing the opinions of Gary McHale to be read. To put all of the above into a readable style makes for a little understanding of what the hell is going on.

In analyzing your January 13th edition, I find myself very concerned about the ongoing situation in Caledonia regarding offense and sentences. Therefore, in closing let me inform any and all who might be interested, that I am sending $100 to CANACE, and will bet anybody, anywhere and anytime another $100 (to their favorite charity) that the Commissioner of the OPP will not be charged for any indictable offense, and will never darken a jail cell. (This bet is open until the Caledonia mess is put to rest) or the demise of the writer of this bet, whichever comes first. I just hope that when everything is settled Hollywood will make a movie about it. But then maybe another Avatar will be made in its place? Long Live Democracy? Help support the other side... I did.

Rhys Richert