County seeks "equally beneficial" options for DCE

by Bill Jackson - The Regional

February 10, 2010

Haldimand County will be contacting Six Nations Elected Council  "in the spirit of cooperation" to gauge interest in establishing a "mutual committee" to discuss "equally beneficial" options for Douglas Creek Estates.

The motion introduced by Coun. Craig Grice t a committee meeting on Monday passed by a 5-2 vote.

After recently dissolving several committees that attempted to deal with issues involving Six Nations, Coun. Buck Sloat said he wasn't about to support the formation of another one. He and Coun. Tony Dalimonte believe that Haldimand Council should try to meet with Six Nations council to reach a consensus before striking a mutual committee.

The two councils met last year in Cayuga to discuss items of interest such as the cleanup of the provincially owned property that's been occupied by protesters.

Sloat recalled that some Six Nations Councillors wanted Haldimand to lobby government for the return of land to Six Nations.

Coun. Lorne Boyko recalled that the "we" rhetoric became "us" versus "them" when the elephant in the room was discussed.

A room full of councillors will produce a "free-for-all" again and won't get to the next step which Grice's motion addresses, said Boyko.

Grice believes that his motion is the first step to moving the communities of Haldimand and Six Nations forward.

"I'm not so much worried about committee makeup right now," he said. "What's important is opening up the doors to discussion."