Letter - Slip sliding away

The Regional

February 10, 2010

I find it quite disheartening that Ontario's top cop has once again slipped away from justice, a new "Teflon Don" of sorts it appears, while maintaining his laughable position of what a great job he and his OPP officers have been doing, and continue to do, in Haldimand County.

Meanwhile, our town still has a multitude of illegal smokeshacks operating with impunity all around us, selling contraband tobacco right under the noses of the aforementioned OPP, and literally ripping off the Ontario taxpayer of millions of dollars every year.

We also have an illegal occupation of what the federal government has stated clearly is not a legal land claim location, namely Douglas Creek Estates, by unlawful squatters again under the selectively blind eyes of the OPP and the provincial government. This injustice also rips off the Ontario taxpayer,, as the province continues to pay for the utilities and protection of these occupiers with our money.

I think that before Commissioner Fantino starts patting himself on the back, he should take a long look in a mirror and tell us all what he sees, because it sure isn't what the rest of us see.

Mark Delio