Merlyn Kinrade calls for rallies in Caledonia

by Gary McHale - The Regional

February 24, 2010

This past Friday Mr. Chris Bentley, the new Aboriginal Affairs Minister who is also the Attorney General of Ontario, met with Haldimand Council at a Tim Hortons in Brantford. After the meeting Mayor Trainer told people that she directly asked Mr. Bentley if the province had already decided to give DCE to Six Nations. She reported his reply was yes.

Merlyn Kinrade contacted the Mayor the same day to verify that this did occur and the Mayor confirmed to Mr. Kinrade that it was true. Mr. Kinrade saw this as the final straw of rewarding people for criminal behaviour and as such he calls upon people to rally in Caledonia on March 21 to help bring an end to the racist policies of the Ontario Government.

For four years the people of Haldimand county have been forced to endure what almost every media outlet in Ontario has called Two Tier Justice or Race Based Policing. There appears to be no limit to the level of appeasement that is done to ensure that certain radical elements from Six Nations stop committing criminal acts.

In June of 2006 David Peterson arranged a deal to pay the criminals who dug up the road and barricaded the highway for 5 weeks to be rewarded with the Burtch Tract in return for bringing down the barricades.

Even after the swarming of the senior couple, the attack upon the CHCH camera crew and the attempted murder of an OPP officer, the Ontario Government rewarded those who were responsible or encouraged these violent acts with the Burtch Tract.

During the height of the violence in Caledonia Six Nations Band Council provided money to the occupiers on DCE up until Oct. 2006 to a total of $65,000. Can you imagine what the Government would say if Haldimand Council financially backed a group of white people who repeatedly went onto Six Nations' land and attacked people or barricaded roads?

Within our generation we have witnessed police and governments in Southern US states stand and watch violence acts committed by white people against black people. In many cases the prosecution of these criminals was covered up by the state or by the police.

We, as Canadians, believed that such policies and racism was not possible in Canada. We were wrong.

It has now been proven in Court, even by the testimony of OPP officers, that OPP officers stood by and witnessed criminal acts committed against non-Natives by Native protesters without the OPP taking any steps to prevent the crimes and in many cases even to investigate the crimes.

Superior Court Judges have repeatedly ruled against the actions of the OPP and against the Native Protesters. Judges have openly rebuked the OPP for how they police in Caledonia and how they refused to protect the lawful owners of property.

While senior OPP officers have been well aware that dozens of officers have been injured by these so-called peaceful native protesters, they publicly and repeatedly blamed non-Natives for daring to speak out against injustice. The OPP targeted non-Natives who walked down the road with Canadian Flags and also arrested Dave Brown one night after coming home from a Blue Jays game instead of arresting the Native protesters who carried bats etc. and who committed violence or threatened violence.

It was simply easier for the OPP to arrest non-Natives instead of those committing the violence.

Appeasement and rewarding criminal behaviour can only lead to more violence. Are we never to learn from history and from human mistakes? Are we continuously prone to repeat the sinful behaviour of previous generations?

Faced with the absolute willingness to use violence against blacks by KKK members in the South the government and police found it easier to arrest blacks, defame blacks and to jail Martin Luther King Jr. instead of arresting those who hospitalized people.

Faced with such institutional racism blacks had three options. First, they could hide under their beds and allow the next generation to face the same problems. Second, they could take up arms like the Black Panthers did and demand a revolution. Third, they could march peacefully down a road proclaiming that they would never submit to racism and never surrender their rights.

Today the USA has a Black President because there were those who stood up to the racist policies of the police and government by simply marching down a road.

The people of Caledonia, of Haldimand County and of Ontario have a choice to make. They can stand up against the racial policies of the OPP and Ontario Government or they can sit back and allow it to continue.

In 1770 Edmund Burke , an Irish statesman who was a member of the British Parliament, stated, " the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing", and this has been quoted by many since then.

Our political leaders ignore us because they know that most people will never speak up, will never step forward, will never pay a price for a greater good.

Merlyn Kinrade is 74 years old. He has served his country and over the past 50 years has served his community.

He is asking that you join him on March 21 at 2:00 pm at the Lion's Hall in Caledonia to lean your voice to his to bring an end to the racist polices of the OPP and Ontario Government.

He has invited Mayor Trainer to be a speaker and for each council member to stand by her side and proclaim that Haldimand County denounces the injustice and demands the restoration of the rule of law.

Will the people of Haldimand decide they are too busy or too self absorbed to be concerned about others to join Mr. Kinrade? The Province and the OPP are betting you are.

I believe most people agree that this injustice cannot be allowed to continue and no other town should ever be forced to accept such racist polices.

Join Merlyn Kinrade on March 21 at 2:00 pm at the Lion's Hall for his Anti-Racism Rally in Caledonia.