Letter - Blaming the messengers

The Regional

March 3, 2010

Support OPP Bartolucci; Spectator Feb. 24, 2010

Obviously Rick Bartolucci never witnessed the carnage in Caledonia inflicted on residents by native thugs.

His opinion in support of the OPP would soon disappear when his appeal for police protection wnen unanswered.

Bartolucci and his government want to blame the peaceful law abiding residents of Caledonia for the one sided anarchy we've endured for four years.

Your government has tried the very expensive appeasement route to no avail, may I suggest enforcing the law equally to avoid any further tragedy.

Mr. Bartolucci says every MPP in the House should support the OPP regardless. Did every member in the House support the OPP when Dudley George was shot? Or does this government only support the OPP when the violence is against non-natives.

Perhaps Minister Bartolucci should attend my anti-racism rally in Caledonia on March 21.

M. Kinrade

RCN, ret'd