Letter - Build a provincial office complex

The Regional

March 3, 2010

Is anyone really being serious about resolving the Caledonia land claim issues?

I am proposing a common interest disposition of the DCE & D&D lands currently owned by the province and paid for by the taxpayers of Ontario.

These lands are already in the ownership of the province of Ontario and Ontario taxpayer's money is being wasted each day that these lands remain in probate.

Here's my input as to what needs to be done with the DCE and the D&D lands.

Instead of wasting more millions on the continuation of negotiating something that can't be resolved, the extraordinary costs of public debate, policing etc. why not use those tax dollars to clear the land of existing structures and build something useful to all communities. The land is already serviced for gas, hydro, water and wastewater. The land is in a perfect location that provides convenient road access to all surrounding communities.

In the present case of the province's possession of these lands, it appears that the endless flow of the taxpayer's money being spent on this irresolvable land claim is relentless, so I would believe that spending money on this compromise should not be a factor in what I am suggesting here. So to compromise a resolution in a way that benefits all of our communities, why not construct a provincial government office complex on those lands to serve the needs of Haldimand, Norfolk, Brantford and Six Nations residents. This complex could be used to house a taxation office, land registry office, a job centre, licensing office, small claims court, etc, etc, etc. There are 100's of provincial community services that could be administrated through one central office in Caledonia to serve all of our local communities. This would increase community access to provincial programs and services to all of our local communities. This would also create many local employment opportunities within this region the regions of our communities.

Simply call it : The Douglas Creek Provincial Services Complex

Dennis James