Letter - Free land! Free land!

The Regional

March 3, 2010

In the 1800s when immigrants were driven out of their homeland, the Canadian government gave them land. But they were not without commitments. They had to work and clear land within a specified time, build a home and clear roads. They became great citizens and appreciated our great country, Canada.

Now the Ontario government is planning to do it again, but with a different set of rules: (1) Bring in outsider cowards wearing masks and carrying 2x4's. (2) Beat up and harass old people in CTC parking lot. (3) Beat up OPP cops with no charges being laid by the head of the OPP. (4) Allow citizens to be beaten up for carrying the Canadian flag. (5) Blow up hydro transformers costing millions of dollars. (6) Burn bridges and tires (these are lovers of mother earth). (7) Open illegal smoke shacks. (8) Steal police vehicles of visiting USA law officers. (9) Beat up and destroy cameras of radio and T.V. reporters.

If you can meet the criteria, you stand a good chance of getting free land via McGuinty and you know that OPP Commissioner Fantino will turn a blind eye and quite likely offer the help of OPP officers with no consideration of their safety and health.

Don Howatt