Letter - Canace doing job council should be doing

The Regional

March 31, 2010

"Last Sunday (March 21st) there was a championship hockey game in Caledonia and the arena was packed". Councillor Grice told council Monday.

Meanwhile there was a rally outside "I wonder how many people wondered what was going on" Grice said.

My response to Grice is, if anyone looked puzzled or if in fact asked him, perhaps he should have told them there are two groups, one extremist group that assisted native thugs in terrorizing Caledonia while McGuinty and his government and Julian Fantino and the OPP turned a blind eye.

The other group is a peaceful group (known as Canace) and they are actually doing the job Haldimand County council should be doing. They are holding Dalton and Julian accountable but we won't support this group in case it raised the ire of Julian again.

Councillor Boyko said it is being reported that rallies are being planned for every Sunday. 'I have a big concern" and further to that Boyko said "we've got to get our county solicitor on this".

Where was Councillor Boyko chair of the police services board in 2006 and continuing? Those were violent disruptive, intimidating, nasty criminal acts of terrorism, but not a work from Boyko and the solicitor that I'm aware of.

Mr. (I hear ya) councillor Tony Dalimonte said he wants to know what the county's rights are and asked staff to report back next week.

I ask Mr. Dalimonte "where have you been since 2006 with your question of county rights". Did you not know the county hasn't had any rights since then, courtesy of Dalton and his government, but you and the rest of the council didn't challenge him.

Just recently the people on sixth line have had OPP patrols reinstated, but they don't feel safe, by their own admission.

To you councillors and others that criticize me and those of us that won't submit to two tier justice/policing you sicken me and do a great disservice to those that have lived the lawlessness, violence and terrorism.

All levels of government seem more devoted to order than justice. Put this fiasco in the courts where it belongs. In four years, negotiation hasn't borne anything fruitful.

M. Kinrade

RCN, ret'd