Letter - Keeping the peace does not equate to enforcing the law

The Regional

April 7, 2010

Re: Message from Insp. Periversoff

Using the tragic death of a fellow police officer to spread O.P.P. Commissioner Fantino's propaganda? Did you really expect us to be dazzled by this fancy footwork? Shameful and disgusting. What next?

Caledonia is all too familiar with the divide and conquer tactics employed to squelch any opposition to race based policing. even after the shocking atrocities and disclosures of two tiered policing that were revealed in the Brown/Chatwell lawsuit, O.P.P. and government are still more concerned with order than justice. How soon we forget.

Keeping the peace does not equate to enforcing the law. fear of retaliation or a guilt complex imposed for past inequities cannot be allowed to temper law and order. the Caledonia situation continues to prove that making excuses for criminal behavior only breeds contempt.

We all agree that change is needed. The only way to end this nightmare is to enforce one law for all, stop the political double talk, return to civility and settle land claims in court. Until then, the struggle will continue in order to survive government abandonment, Fantino's hogtied policing policies and the criminal element that is allowed to hold us hostage, all while Haldimand flounders.

Gayle Hagan