Letter - Illegal smoke shops in Toronto would be shut down

The Regional

April 14, 2010

The Plank Road 1 Stop Protest

These protesters are expected to be subject to the laws of Ontario, whereas the tobacco crimes that they are protesting against will be again condoned by the province.

Question: Why is nothing being done about illegal smoke shops and the illegal SN tobacco trade?

The simple truth is that McGuinty is acting only as if he is the premier of the province of Toronto and the rest of us are all just outsiders. If smoke shops appeared on Toronto Island or on Toronto's streetscapes, there would be no protests as you can be assured that they would be raided and shut down immediately and the laws would be vigorously enforced and reinforced at any risk of local backlash from the Six Nations community and there would be zero tolerance with priority being given to enforcing the law rather than just peacekeeping. Smoke shops setting up in Toronto would be treated as an act of aggression, organized crime and an act or war

Dennis James