Letter - Do Haldimand residents even care?

The Regional

April 14, 2010

I agree whole heartedly with the letter to the editor last week by Gayle Hagen.

I wonder, how many other readers agree with Gayle's comments regarding the warped Caledonia Policing policies?

A good portion of our property taxes go for policing in the county. I wonder: are we getting value for dollar; are the policies adopted by the O.P.P. hierarchy acceptable to the residents of Haldimand; are other residents of Haldimand upset with two tier policing policies; do residents of Haldimand even care? The Police and the Ontario Government are hoping you don't.

To add insult to injury Periversoff now refers to OPP being allowed to patrol 6th Line again as a non-event. Try explaining that to those Caledonia residents abandoned by their own police force over the past four years. It is a big deal.

Donna Reid, Caledonia